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Since Fly Anakin and Henny Lo first rebranded themselves as Mutant Academy around 2009, these two Richmond, VA natives have grown the crew to 11 members, which have put out 20+ projects. However, it wasn’t until this Spring’s Chapel Drive by Fly Anankin & Koncept Jack$on that hip hop fans worldwide started really taking notice. The album was like a funky mission statement, and left heads curious about their larger crew and future plans.

Knowing they had to capitalize on the buzz, they got to work on their next release. But then, even though the crew already consisted of 6 producers, they added beat scene heavy hitter Tuamie to MA. The popular producer had reached out to do an album with Anakin and Kons and they jumped at the chance, as well as recruiting him to the team. And that brings us to an album that should cement Mutant Academy’s place in the game going forward, Panama Plus. The 17-track (well, 14 if you don’t include the skits) effort is not simply a collection of songs, it is a cohesive album that illustrates that RVA is producing hardcore hip-hop that rivals anything else out there.

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Jonnie Smallz